This exciting adventure starts with the selection of your team name,of a rallying cry,and the creation of a totem. The stage is set ,the teams will challenge each other in a good mood throughout different sport events forcing to surpass themselves in a good spirit until the last pole totem test !!!

Needed qualities according the tests :

 Archery or run archery : to reach different targets (balloons,bottles,coat of arms)you will need to develop a good sense of concentration, strategy, and coordination…

Run and bike : to succeed the required course (slalom,footbridge,seesaw)to the handover with a teammate you need:strength, good balance,support and organisation.

Orienteering : find beacons on a map ,answer questions ,decipher the secret message will ask the players to locate themselves ,to develop thinking and team spirit while asking a form of stamina.

Pitfalls course : crawling, jumping, running paddling will allow to estimate agility, mutual assistance, and self control during this physical trial worthy a famous TV game..

Poles trials : above water physical and mental load will be sorely tested in this last challenge.

At the end of this challenge succession all the players will come out winners right beside the victorious team.

Informations & Booking
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