Under the shadows of alders and oaks enjoy our preserved natural environment. Canoeing is the best way to discover the river, her history and resources.

Without any serious difficulties River Leyre ,classified as a wild river is easy for everyone. If you wish to get onboard half day you will do around 5 km and one day 15 km.

Thanks to some advise we will draw your attention to the constant worry we give to our natural resources : River Leyre is an original rich and natural heritage we are willing to share knowing that its preservation and integrity deserve all our attention. Every disruption ,every disorder penalize the smooth running of the river :Respect wildlife and flora ,berth cautiously and leave the riverbanks clean.

For each downriver trip ,waterproof cans are at your disposal to carry your stuff as well as your meals.

Lifejackets will be ready for you as well as paddles.

Free Transport.

It is compulsory to know how to swim minimum age is 6 Compulsory to wear life jackets and closed shoes

Supervised children group (max 12) 200,00 € 270,00 €
Supervised adult group (max 12) 280,00 € 390,00 €
Single canoe/kayak
+ than 10 people
– than 10 people
17,00 €
16,00 €
22,00 €
21,00 €

Informations & Booking
05 58 08 91 58 / 05 58 04 41 40

Down river trip River Leyre “Will river appellation”
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